Why AMSOIL Is The First In Synthetics

Want to know why AMSOIL is The First In Synthetics®

It’s because there are no shortcuts with quality. It takes a lot of work to make sure the quality is in the product that is going out the door.

High performance engines and components can quickly break down lubricants. The high rpms and shearing stresses can rapidly break down an oil that isn’t formulated using high quality base stock and the right combination of quality additives.

Gale Banks of Banks Power knows a thing or two about high performance equipment and what can happen if that equipment isn’t properly lubricated. If all you think of when you hear the “Banks” name is turbochargers you need to get with the times. Drop by BanksPower.com and take a look at the list of performance products available.

Besides turbochargers, one of the products is performance “Crate” engines, gasoline and diesel and if you have one (or even if you only have your daily driver), the last thing you want is to have that engine (or transmission or differential) go to an early grave.

He is familiar with AMSOIL and recommends it in the products he sells.

He has recently visited AMSOIL and put out a series of videos called Banks Speed School. If you want to understand why AMSOIL is the quality that it is, check out the videos.

These are YouTube videos. If for some reason the links don’t work just do a Google Search for “Banks Speed School” and you should find them.

For more information or pricing on the quality line of AMSOIL Products contact SLS Associates. Whether you are a Consumer, Retailer, or Commercial Business, we will answer your questions, explain any options and you take it from there. If you choose to try AMSOIL products we will give you our best price and you make the decision. No pressure. It’s your choice.

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