Lookup & Cross Reference Guides

Product & Lookup Guides – Information on Oil, Filters, and Related Maintenance Items

  • ATV’s– You Will Need To Know The Year, Make, Model & Engine Size
  • Auto & Light Truck – You Will Need To Know The Year, Make, Model & Engine Size
  • Marine Outboards – You Will Need To Know The Year, Make, Model & Engine Size
  • Heavy Duty Equipment – You Will Need To Know The Year, Make, Model, Engine Mfg & Model
  • Motorcycles – You Will Need To Know The Year, Make, Model & Engine Size
  • Personal Watercraft – You Will Need To Know The Year, Make, Model & Engine Size
  • Small Engine – Filter Lookup For Small Engines & Generac Generators, Pressure Washers, & Welders. You Will Need Manufacturer & Model
  • Snowmobile – You Will Need To Know The Year, Make, Model & Engine Size
  • UTV’s – You Will Need To Know The Year, Make, Model & Engine Size

Cross Reference Guides

Filter Guides

  • Vintage Vehicle Filter Lookup – Find AMSOIL filters for vintage vehicles. You will need to know vehicle make, year, model and engine size.
  • Heavy Duty Filter Lookup – Find AMSOIL and Donaldson filters for heavy-duty trucks, buses and industrial equipment. You will need to know equipment type, make, model and option/year.
  • Small Engine Filter Lookup – Covers Generac Generators, Pressure Washers, Welders and 10 brands of small engines. You will need the model number of whatever you are looking up.

Vehicle Identification

  • Where To Find Your Engine Code – Use this PDF document to help identify your vehicle and Engine Code location. Note: While it lists Engine Block as the location for some Engine Codes, some may also be found in other locations such at the Toyota which usually has a label under the hood with the engine information.
  • VIN Number Decoding – Identify vehicle and application information by VIN number. (There is good information on this page but some of it is dated.  If you need newer information, try a Google Search using “VIN Decoder”
  • List of Common Vehicle Abbreviations – List of common vehicle equipment abbreviations.
  • Gear Lube Selection Chart – AMSOIL gear lube recommendations based on intended application. (Sorry for the inconvenience but this page is down until AMSOIL finishes their site update)

Installation Instructions


  1. Amsoil filter that replaces a wix-15335

    • ceo@slsassoc.com

      Not showing anything for that number. Wix doesn’t even list it. Are you sure 15335 is the number?

    • ceo@slsassoc.com

      Don’t know if my first reply went through so will try again.
      Don’t find that filter number anywhere. Wix doesn’t even have a listing for it. Is it possible you mis-typed the number?
      Checking further there is a Wix 51335 which crosses to an AMSOIL Ea15k53. The 53 is a small engine filter.
      This is what I find on the Wix Site for the 52335: https://www.wixfilters.com/Lookup/Exactmatch.aspx?PartNo=51335 (Looking at the dimensions it is a different size compared to the 53)
      The AMSOIL site also lists the 51056 which appears to be a closer match to the Ea15k53 size wise. (Both are smaller diameter but taller than the 51335)
      Best bet is if you have an application where you want to use an AMSOIL filter, let me know the application information (Year, Make, Model, Serial Number and anything else that might be applicable) and I’ll see what I can find. If I don’t find anything I’ll check with Tech Support and see if they have any info.
      It’s Friday afternoon so, if I have to contact Tech Support I probably won’t be able to get you an answer until Monday.

    • Stephen A Hotard

      I have an amsoil eao17 filter in original package. Wondering what it cross reference s too

  2. Mark S Dalessandro

    Which Amsoil filter does a ford 2022 F450 take with a 7.3 v8 Godzilla motor.

    • ceo@slsassoc.com

      Sorry for the delay. Haven’t been able to access my email for several days.
      The lookup on the AMSOIL site doesn’t have a listing for the filter in the 7.3 in the 2021 or 2022 Ford F450. This is not unusual since the lookups are provided by a third party and not updated by AMSOIL.
      The 2020 F450 with the 7.3 calls for the EaO 11 or the Wix 51372. Checked the Wix site and they do list the 51372 for the 2022 7.3 so, unless the Wix lookup is incorrect, the EaO 11 is the correct AMSOIL oil filter for that application. I can check with AMSOIL tech support but they won’t be available until Tuesday due to the holiday.
      Just a heads up when you are using the AMSOIL Lookup – As long as AMSOIL keeps making it available, in small print just above where it says Refine Your Search (where you put in Year, Make, Model etc) it says “Switch To Previous Version.” It doesn’t have the pictures but does provide more information on the lubrication requirements for the vehicles. (Unfortunately it doesn’t include the filter info you are looking for.)

  3. What is the Amsoil filter number for Wix 51356?

    • ceo@slsassoc.com

      The AMSOIL replacement for the Wix 51356 is the Ea15k13. Unfortunately, due to supply chain shortages that filter is not available at this time. Hopefully it will be back in stock soon but AMSOIL has no control over the materials needed to manufacture filters.

  4. I have an Amsoil oil filter part number Ea15K29 that I bought a few years ago and I’m not sure what vehicle I bought it for and I have since traded in a few different vehicles. can you tell me what vehicle this oil filter will fit on please?

  5. does AMSOIL make an oil filter for–2013 dodge grand caravan v6 flex?

    • ceo@slsassoc.com

      The AMSOIL Oil Filter for the 2013 Dodge GRAND CARAVAN 3.6L 6-cyl Engine Code [G] ERB Flex-fuel is the Ea15k37. AMSOIL’ lookup is located at https://www.amsoil.com/guides/?zo=373424. If you select the Auto / Light Truck lookup, on the first screen near bottom center in small print you will see “

  6. Hello I’m looking for an Amsoil oil filter for my lawn mower original Oil Filter part number is 492932s if you could please get me the Amsoil number for that

    • ceo@slsassoc.com

      AMSOIL doesn’t list a specific AMSOIL Filter to replace that one (492932). They recommend the Wix 57035. The Wix Specs on that filter are:
      Diameter 2.923, Height 2.305, Threads 3/4-16, Gasket OD 2.734, Gasket ID 2.43, By-Pass Valve Yes 8 lbs, Anti-Drainback Valve Yes, Flow 7-9 gpm, Nominal Micron rating 32, Color Black
      AMSOIL does list the Ea15k53 as an alternate filter to the 57035. However, the AMSOIL Ea15k53 is slightly smaller than the Wix 57035.
      Depending on which engine you are putting it on and the clearances, I have a John Deere LA130 that takes a Briggs AM125424 which also crosses to the Wix 57035. Because I have the clearance, I use the Wix 51214. Its specs are almost identical to the 57035 except it is taller and has a better Micron rating. Its Wix Specs are:
      Diameter 2.923, Height 4.828, Threads 3/4-16, Gasket OD 2.734, Gasket ID 2.43, By-Pass Valve Yes 8-11 lbs, Anti-Drainback Valve Yes, Flow 7-9 gpm, Nominal Micron 21.
      It has the same flow rate as the smaller filter but has a much better Nominal Micron rating. I have been using this larger filter since 2008 so I know it works well in my application. The choice is yours based on size, smallest to largest: Ea15k53, 57035, 51214.
      Now that I’ve probably totally confused you, if you have any other questions let me know.

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