Interesting Reading

2 Million Miles on AMSOIL – 1999 Kenworth / Detroit Diesel Tractor with over 2 million miles and still going strong in July of 2015.

Engine Oil Myths – December 2007 GM Techlink Article by Bob Olree

Maintaining Small Engines – Some recommendations to help get the most out of your small engines.

Oil Consumption – What Do You Define As “Excessive Oil Consumption?”

Soot Isn’t Just For Diesels Anymore – Today’s gasoline engines can produce as much soot as yesterday’s diesels.

Performance Under Pressure – Why today’s advanced engines need advanced oils.

When Do You Change Your Oil? – Short Article from AMSOIL on how to determine when to change Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oils.

A Victory For Consumers – FTC supporting consumer rights.

What Is A Synthetic Motor Oil – A short article on the difference between AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil and Conventional Oils

Steps For Effective Equipment Storage – Short, 1 page article on the best way to store equipment

Change Is Coming – New Diesel Oil Standards – December 1, 2016 API Diesel Oil Standards (CK-4 & FA-4)

AMSOIL News Stand – Short articles from AMSOIL on various lubrication topics.

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