Welcome to the AMSOIL portion of the SLS Associates Web Site.

The information provided in this site comes from our own experience, customer experiences, lab test results, data sheets (product specifications) from AMSOIL and other companies, your questions, and anything else we find that we think may be of interest to people browsing this site.

We are not mechanics so we will try to stay out of the area of vehicle and equipment repair (although we may touch on PM schedules and related items).

We are definitely not programmers so you won’t find fancy graphics with “State of the Art” Web Page design.

What we do hope to provide you with is fact based, easy to read and comprehend information to help you better understand AMSOIL products, what they are, what they do, and why they are better than what you are currently using.

Finally, we want this to be a site where if you take the time to go through it, you won’t feel it was “time wasted” when you’re done. We also hope to keep it interesting enough that you will want to return, to see what has been added, changed, and deleted, and to accomplish that, we will need your input, along with your patience. Please let us know what you liked, what you didn’t like, and what you think would make it a better site.

PS: For as long as this site exists, it will be “Under Construction.” Some pages will change and/or be expanded on a somewhat irregular basis. As I work along, I may include the text for future links so you can see what is planned. I will not however, establish a link to a page with the “Under Construction” sign. I dislike wasting my time linking to phantom pages and I’m sure most of you probably feel the same so, if it’s not highlighted, it’s not yet available.

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