AMSOIL Introduces 2 New Oils For Small American Diesels

Big Protection for Smaller Diesel Vehicles

New AMSOIL 100% Synthetic Diesel Oil provides outstanding protection, performance and fuel economy for smaller American diesel pickups, vans, cars and SUVs. It delivers up to 6X better wear protection than required by a leading industry standard. 1

  • Outstanding protection during heavy use and abuse and in extreme temperatures
  • Helps extend engine life and reduce maintenance costs and downtime
  • Helps maintain power and fuel efficiency for superior engine performance
  • Outstanding turbocharger and emissions-system protection
  • Superior engine cleanliness
  • Minimizes oil consumption
  • Meets or exceeds the latest specifications for smaller diesel vehicles

Use in diesel pickups, vans, cars and SUVs that require any of the following specifications:

Not for use in applications that require an API CK-4 (or prior) specification.

1Based on third-party testing in the OM646LA cam wear test using 0W-20 as worst-case representation

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