AMSOIL Series 2000 20W-50 Synthetic Racing Oil

Leading The Way Into The 21st Century

AMSOIL, “The First in Synthetics,” introduces another first, the most advanced synthetic motor oil ever – AMSOIL Series 2000 Synthetic 20W-50 Racing Oil. In race cars, high performance passenger cars, ATV s, motorcycles and motor homes, Series 2000 delivers a new level of performance and wear protection, far exceeding the capabilities of other oils on the market!

AMSOIL Series 2000’s unique chemistry adheres tenaciously to metal, forming a super tough, wear-resistant lubricating film on all critical engine surfaces. No other motor oil offers such revolutionary protection


Series 2000 clings tenaciously to metal surfaces – so tenaciously, in fact, that Sequential Four-Ball testing shows solvents can’t erase its lubricating film.

Most oils don’t perform well on the Sequential Four-Ball Test; they don’t have sufficient ‘cling’ to survive the solvent washing.

AMSOIL Series 2000’s unique chemistry provides unsurpassed clingability so the oil vastly out- performs other oils in this tough wear test – and in the engine.


Series 2000’s clingability provides a tough barrier of defense against metal-to- metal contact during cold starting and other periods when the oil can’t build a full film of protection between moving parts.

Heat Activation

Series 2000’s unique wear protective chemistry is heat-activated: the hotter the engine gets, the more Series 2000 protects.

Most oils deposit a layer of anti-wear additives on engine surfaces to protect them when the oil can’t build a full film of protection. Anti-wear additives protect well – up to a point.

But they can’t work at temperatures above their ‘active’ range. Series 2000’s active range extends to temperatures higher than those of conventional anti-wear agents.


Series 2000’s high temperature active range and its cling ability combine to provide unbeatable high-load, high-temperature wear protection.

Series 2000’s proprietary chemistry gives the oil incomparable friction-reducing ability – even when compared to other race-formulated synthetics.


Friction reduction is critical to racing success – and to top performance no matter what a vehicle’s use. I Series 2000 reduces friction and drag for increased acceleration and power.

Quality You Trust

AMSOIL Series 2000 Synthetic 20W-50 offers the high quality volatility resistance the motoring public has come to expect from AMSOIL synthetic lubricants.

In a recent comparison of product volatility using the Noack method, Series 2000 outperformed a battery of popular conventional and synthetic oils.

Of course, Series 2000 also offers dependable protection from the damaging effects of water, acids, debris, deposit-forming materials, foam and oil shearback.

And, like other AMSOIL synthetic motor oils, Series 2000 is formulated for extended drain intervals.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line on selling AMSOIL Series 2000 Synthetic 20W-50 Racing Oil is wear protection.

No other oil has the chemistry to match the wear protection offered by Series 2000. It’s another AMSOIL first.

The above article appeared in the June 1995 edition of the AMSOIL Action News Dealer Magazine.

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SLS Note: Over the years, the AMSOIL Series 2000 20W50 Racing oil has been replaced by even better performing oils for multiple applications.

So, no matter what your lubrication requirements from 0W16 Motor Oil to SAE 250 Gear Lube, there is a good chance that AMSOIL has a superior synthetic lubricant that will protect and extend the life of your vehicles and equipment.

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