More Power, Less Oil:

The Challenges Of Protecting Your Dirt Bike

Like other vehicles, dirt bikes today produce more power from smaller engines. In many cases, only about a quart of oil is responsible for protecting against wear and the damaging effects of extreme heat. The oil must be up to the challenge for enthusiasts to get maximum performance and life from their bikes.

Whether they’re riding the trails near home or competing in sanctioned motocross races, riders’ motivation is the same: to get out in front of their buddies or grab the hole shot and ride their way to a checkered flag. As such, riders are constantly on the throttle. Dirt bike engines rev high, with some models hitting 10,000 rpm.

In addition, summer is peak riding season. Hot ambient temperatures combined with a high-revving engine create severe conditions that can reduce performance and shorten engine life.

Heat causes metal engine components to expand. If, for example, the piston expands beyond normal tolerances, it can break the lubricant film separating it from the cylinder wall and rub directly against the metal, causing scuffing and wear. Eventually, the piston will fail and wreck the engine.

Motor oil is an enthusiast’s number -one defense against piston scuffing and wear. The oil absorbs heat and allows it to dissipate into the atmosphere via the oil sump. It should also form a thick, resilient film on engine parts to prevent metal-to-metal contact. Its detergents and dispersants must hold combustion by-products in suspension and prevent them from forming harmful engine deposits that can lead to piston-ring sticking and power loss.

Most dirt bikes use about the same volume of oil as a push lawnmower despite making 10X the power.

Most Dirt Bikes, however, hold only about a quart of oil. A minimal amount of oil is asked to perform the daunting task of resisting extreme heat and wear in your expensive powerful dirt bike engine. The oil had better be up to the challenge or else the engine can wear out and fail.

This situation presents a great opportunity to highlight the performance of AMSOIL Synthetic Dirt Bike Oil.

Our dirt bike oil isn’t merely a rebadged automotive oil. We identified the suffering points of modern dirt bikes by working with professional supercross and motocross riders. We validated AMSOIL Synthetic Dirt Bike Oil on the track and in our mechanical lab. The result is an advanced oil that delivers excellent protection against wear and extreme heat in high-revving, powerful bikes.

In addition, we designed it to provide confident clutch feel. Riders look for lubricants that provide not only wear protection, but consistent clutch feel from the time the gate drops until they cross the finish line.

Oils that break down due to heat and stress lead to clutch slippage and sloppy, inconsistent clutch feel, reducing rider performance. Here, too, AMSOIL Synthetic Dirt Bike Oil proves superior, as the test results show.

So, if you want to protect your expensive dirt bike and improve your riding experience, trust AMSOIL Synthetic Dirt Bike Oil. Remember, AMSOIL can make a claim that no other manufacturer can match. They are the “The First In Synthetics” have been since 1972.

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