Have You Ever Seen Inside A Working Carburetor?

According to Wikipedia, the last carburetor equipped vehicle produced in the US was 1990, 31 years ago. Since the 30 and under age group accounts for almost 1/3 of the population, a very large number of people have never seen a carburetor, know what it is, how it works or why they are / were important.

Granted, you will still find carburetors on small engines but, with more and more people depending on someone else to do their vehicle and equipment maintenance, even many in the over 30 age groups don’t really understand carburetors.

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Can These Pistons Stop Emissions In Diesel Engines Going Forward?

Speed Of Air Engine Technologies has a revolutionary new piston design that could change the way internal combustion engines address emission and performance issues in the future. If you eliminate or significantly reduce emissions at the source, you may not need all the “Emission Treatment” add-ons in the future. Click here to read the Engine Labs article and here to visit the Speed Of Air Engine Technologies web site.

ALTRUM – February 2021 – National Heart Month

Matters Of The (Healthy) Heart

From the February 2021 ALTRUM Dealers Flyer

In the past, I have kept this Blog focused primarily on lubrication and vehicle related posts. While that will continue to be my main focus, starting today you will occasionally see something totally unrelated to the normal postings. I am starting with this post on Heart Health which is important for everyone. While I’m not a “Health Nut,” I do try to take care of myself, the concept of which took a long time to penetrate this thick Irish skull.

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The Morse Car

Between 1902 and 1914 Alfred B. Morse built about forty—eight automobiles in his factory on Central Street in South Easton.

The above is taken from a Flickr.com page with information from the Easton Historical Society. If you would like to read the rest of the article you can find it a little more than half way down the page at the following link.