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Snowmobiles are spendy, yet people do things to their sleds that they’d never do to their cars. AMSOIL preserves the investment . . . and the fun.

Before startup, a snowmobile engine is as cold as the surrounding air. Upon ignition, the combustion chamber hosts an event that takes place at 800° to 900°F. Heating the engine from the combustion chamber out is stressful enough as hot components expand against cold ones.

But driving at speed without a warmup, as many riders do, increases the stress big time. It puts load on certain parts, such as the pistons, which makes them heat and expand even faster.

At worst, if the pistons expand too much, they touch the cylinder walls and scuff or seize. At best, operating without a warmup encourages accelerated wear.

Driving at speed for hours on end keeps the engine churning out the rpms and heat. There’s nothing wrong with that, as long as the oil protects and cools under stress. Protection is what AMSOIL Synthetic 2-Cycle Oils (Injector and 100:1) are all about.

The generous quantity of high quality anti-scuff additive in AMSOIL Synthetic 2-Cycle Oils clings to the engine after shutdown and protects it in the critical moments following startup during which it operates without a lubricating film and is most susceptible to scuffing and seizure.

The ability of synthetic oils to maintain an unbroken film during high load operation also helps protect engines from accelerated wear following startup and again during high-load pounding over challenging terrain.

Outstanding low temperature fluidity and miscibility (tendency to mix with gasoline) means AMSOIL 2-cycle oils offer dependable lubrication in extremely cold temperatures. In fact, AMSOIL Synthetic 2-Cycle Injector Oil is rated for arctic use (SAE F/M 4).

Ashless two-cycle oils help machines “forgive” the use of less-than-perfect gasoline. Ashless oils, such as AMSOIL’s, don’t contribute to deposit buildup in combustion chambers and exhaust ports. Deposits create hot spots which encourage early detonation, especially with low octane fuels. Early detonation, or “knock,” damages engines. Keeping the combustion chamber deposit-free gives low octane gas one less knock inducer.

Intermittent use leaves snowmobile engines vulnerable to rust. Water vapor, generated through combustion, condenses on cool engine parts. The longer the engine goes between uses, the longer the rust-promoting water sits undisturbed, doing its dirty work. AMSOIL 2-cycle oils’ rust preventives cling to engine parts after shutdown so water cannot settle on them.

Finally, because synthetics are such outstanding friction reducers, AMSOIL Synthetic 2-Cycle Oils give sleds more of the good stuff: speed, power, performance … more fun!

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SLS Note: Due to a missing November issue of the AMSOIL Dealer Magazine, this article was actually in the October 1995 issue.

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