In the premiere issue of a new publication called Bass & Walleye Boats, a question was asked in their “Shop Talk” section about the use of synthetics in outboard motors. Here is the editor’s response:

When I was actively campaigning an outboard race boat in American Power Boat Association closed- course racing, I did some extensive testing with both synthetic engine oil and gear case lube. These tests were conducted under controlled conditions, both in a test tank and on the race course. The engine oil was worth roughly 100-150 rpm on top end, which translated to about 1 mph. The gear lube added another 100 rpm and gear wear was retarded greatly after several races with the synthetic.

Both products were made by AMSOIL of Superior, Wisconsin. I cannot substantiate horsepower or fuel efficiency gains with actual dyno-generated numbers, but the results on the tach and speedometer, coupled with the reduced long-term wear, make synthetics a good investment for the boater interested in that “extra edge. ”


On March 29, 1994, AMSOIL received a patent for the Dual Remote Oil Filtration System. After an approval
process of nearly two years, AMSOIL dealers can now claim exclusive rights to market this unique filtration

The Above Appeared In May 1994 Issue Of The AMSOIL Action News, Dealer Magazine in the Centerlines . . . and updates section

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