AMSOIL Synthetic Greases: Better Than Ever!

From The AMSOIL Action News, March 1995

How have the always impressive AMSOIL Synthetic Lithium Complex Multi-Purpose Grease and AMSOIL Synthetic Lithium Complex Heavy Duty Grease been improved?

 Improved oxidative and thermal stability for longer grease life, cleaner operations.

Greases face higher operating temperature conditions than ever. High temperature operation invites oxidation, which in turn reduces grease life and leads to performance-robbing deposits. Now, AMSOIL Synthetic Lithium Complex Greases are more resistant to thermal degradation and oxidation, providing cleaner performance in high temperatures and longer grease life.

 Higher Viscosity Index for superior protection over a broad temperature range.

Always the greases of choice for broad temperature applications, AMSOIL Synthetic Lithium Complex Greases now offer greater viscosity / temperature independence for increased wear protection throughout its expanded temperature range.

 More load carrying ability for increased component durability.

High load conditions reduce greases to a thin film. Add a little extra load, and the thin film ruptures, exposing components to contact and consequent wear. Reformulated AMSOIL Synthetic Lithium Complex Greases handle greater loads than ever, for extra wear protection, longer equipment life.

 Improved lubricity for less friction, longer equipment life.

AMSOIL Synthetic Lithium Complex Greases coat better than before, and cling more tenaciously, which helps them reduce wear-promoting friction better. Better friction reduction increases energy efficiency and equipment durability.

 Less oil separation for longer lasting storage stability.

Longer product shelf life makes inventory management easier.

What’s better about AMSOIL Synthetic Polymer Food Grade Grease?

 More load carrying ability for increased component durability.

Higher load carrying ability keeps protective lubricating films from rupturing under load stress for greater wear protection .

 New white color

Compliments the hygienic atmosphere important to food handling facilities.

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SLS Note: Over the last 25 years AMSOIL has continued to improve and expand their grease offerings. The current Multi Purpose Grease (GLC) has a 4-Ball EP Weld Point of 620 and a Load Wear Index of 74, surpassing even the Heavy Duty Grease of 1995. While the HD Grease is no longer available under that name, AMSOIL now offers Synthetic Polymeric Truck, Chassis & Equipment Grease (GPTR) and Synthetic Polymeric Off Road Grease (GPOR) (w/5% Moly) in both #1 & #2 grades to meet all your heavy duty grease needs.

In addition they also offer:

No matter what your grease application, there is a good chance that AMSOIL has a quality synthetic grease that will reduce friction, reduce wear, increase efficiency, extend equipment life, and reduce your overall operating costs.

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