Purchasing AMSOIL Products?

How Should You Purchase AMSOIL Products?

That depends on whether you are an Individual or a Company and the final disposition of the product. This Link will ask you 2 or 3 basic questions and let you know your best option.   If you would rather speak to someone directly, choose your option below and contact us at your convenience.


  • Regular Customer
    • Someone who is not interested in selling AMSOIL Products
    • Doesn’t have a business where the products will be used
    • Is going to purchase less than $100 per year.

You can purchase directly from AMSOIL (click here) or by contacting SLS Associates by phone at (508) 238-6606 (M-F 9:00am to 6:00pm) or by E-Mail.   If you are in the southeastern MA area and would like to pickup product, contact us.  If we have what you need in stock, you may be able to pickup the same day.

  • Preferred Customer
    • Someone who is not particularly interested in establishing their own business selling AMSOIL Products
    • Someone who is going to purchase more than $100 per year for their own and/or  family use.

For $20 per year, you can purchase AMSOIL at a significant discount. Anyone can become a Preferred Customer however, if you are not going to purchase more than $100 per year, the savings would probably not justify the cost. For more information about the benefits or to become a Preferred Customer, click here  for the AMSOIL page explaining the benefits with a good FAQ section or contact SLS Associates (508) 238-6606 (M-F) 9:00am to 6:00pm or by E-Mail.  Note: If you register using the AMSOIL Registration Page it will ask for basic information (Name, Address, Phone# etc.) and possibly a Reference Number. If you have worked with a local AMSOIL Dealer in your area, please reference them. (You will need to contact them for their Reference Number.)  If not and if you have found our site helpful, please use our Reference Number (373424)

  • Dealer
    • An Individual who is interested in building an AMSOIL Business.

For a minimal investment you can purchase AMSOIL Products at Dealer Cost and are eligible for Commissions based on your business volume.  If you have been looking for a business that you can start part time with minimal investment, AMSOIL may be it.  Click Here for more about this opportunity.  Or contact us directly.  No pressure, just information.  You can contact us at (508) 238-6606 (M-F) 9:00am to 6:00pm or by E-Mail.

Retail On The Shelf (ROS) Account

A Retail On The Shelf Account is for the storefront business who would like to offer AMSOIL Products to his customers. (Garage, Parts Store, Hardware Store etc.)  AMSOIL offers a “Locator” where customers can find your business, Advertising Credit and 30 day billing upon credit approval in addition to other benefits.  For more information Click Here or contact us directly at (508) 238-6606 (M-F) 9:00am to 6:00pm or by E-Mail.

Commercial Account

For the business that wants AMSOIL Products for their vehicles or equipment.  Commercial Accounts are not allowed to resell the product. Wholesale Pricing and Freight discounts are available based on purchase volume.  30 day billing is available upon credit approval. For more information Click Here or contact us directly at (508) 238-6606 (M-F) 9:00am to 6:00pm or by E-Mail.

Note: No matter what type of customer you are, AMSOIL

  • has no minimum purchase requirements.  You purchase what you want, when you want it.*
  • All purchasers of AMSOIL have access to the full line of products carried by AMSOIL. (Includes Donaldson, Mann and Wix Filters)

*Retail and Commercial Accounts are eligible for free Graco Dispensing Equipment with minimum purchase agreements and additional volume discounts based on annual purchases.

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