AMSOIL Introduces Non-Pumice Hand Cleaner

From The AMSOIL Dealer Magazine (Action News) January 1995.

AMSOIL has always had excellent products but, sometimes as happens in business, no matter how good a product is, it just doesn’t catch on. The AMSOIL Pumice and Non-Pumice Biodegradable Hand Cleaners are good examples. These were concentrated citrus based cleaners that did a great job dissolving oil, grease, paint and just about anything else you could get into. On top of that they were gentle on the skin and had a pleasant citrus scent. Unfortunately, it never got the market penetration needed to justify its continued production.

Below is a picture of the page introducing the Non-Pumice version.

Picture of AMSOIL Pumice & Non-Pumice Hand Cleaner Gallon Containers.

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