AMSOIL Wins Them Over . . . One Vehicle At A Time

AMSOIL has been getting “Testimonials” on it’s products for almost as long as they have been in business. (50 years this year) Just go to the AMSOIL website and select any product and you should be able to read the customer reviews. While it is nice to receive testimonials about how great your product is, it isn’t real proof.

It’s always interesting to read testimonials, as long as you realize that the person writing the review is providing their “opinion” of the product and the observed results. But, are they accurate? Maybe. But the problem with testimonials is that there are too many variables and you can’t guarantee the results are repeatable.

Since the beginning AMSOIL has believed that standardized testing, the type of standardized, repeatable testing used by independent testing laboratories to certify lubricants is the way to prove the quality of their products. Then, once you know the product exceeds the standards in the lab, you put it in the field for fleet / field testing. All of these tests must again be to industry accepted standards for the type of testing being done and must show that the product can exceed the test standards by a wide, repeatable margin. Only then does the product meet the AMSOIL standards.

Having said that, you might enjoy the following from the November 1996 AMSOIL Dealer Magazine.

AMSOIL User Testimonials From 1996

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Like I said, testimonials are just peoples opinions. While they can be impressive, the main question is, are they repeatable? After 30 years of using and selling AMSOIL I can easily believe 2 of the 3 testimonials above. I have had customers relate to me similar results and saw similar results on some of the older vehicles I have owned. The 91 Buick however, getting 50 miles per gallon, I think that may have been stretching it a little.

My results with the products are documented in the “About” page of this site. AMSOIL also has a FAQ section on their website which may give you more insight into the products and applications. You can also check out some of the more recent testing they have done at the Performance Testing section of their website. Don’t forget to check the Archive section at the bottom of the page.

For more information or pricing on the quality line of AMSOIL Products contact SLS Associates. Whether you are a Consumer, Retailer, or Commercial Business, we will answer your questions, explain any options and you take it from there. If you choose to try AMSOIL products we will give you our best price and you make the decision. No pressure. It’s your choice.

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