From The AMSOIL Dealer Magazine April 1995

Formulated with synthetic basestocks and the top-of-the-line additive package, AMSOIL ATF for exceeds the new spec, providing top performance, durability & efficiency.

AMSOIL Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) surpasses General Motors Corporation’s Dexron III requirements.

Oxidation Limits Tightened
High transmission temperatures, due to engine design changes, downsized engine compartments and aerodynamic body styling, lead to increased ATF oxidation.

Oxidized ATF can sludge transmission components. The corrosive by-products of oxidation damage components, Oxidation-thickened fluids do not flow well, impeding shifting and proper lubrication of clutch packs.

AMSOIL Synthetic ATF has always outperformed conventional ATF in oxidation performance. AMSOIL’s Dexron III upgrade delivers even better performance than that of the fluid it replaces.

Shift Quality Improved
Automakers are concerned about consumer satisfaction with transmission durability and shift feel.

Cycling Durability tests the ATF’s ability to allow the transmission to complete thousands of up-down shift cycles.

Deposits of ATF oxidation products on clutches mar clutch friction characteristics. Acidic ATF oxidation products corrode the transmission’s yellow metals. Shift quality deteriorates.

Band and Plate Friction tests the amount of force an ATF allows to be applied to clutch plates and transmission bands during shifting. Band and plate friction affects shift feel and transmission durability.

GM THOT and Ford ABOT Oxidation Tests comparing Petroleum ATF and AMSOIL Synthetic ATF

Again, AMSOIL Synthetic ATF traditionally provides better shift quality than other fluids do. AMSOIL’s Dexron III upgrade surpasses the performance of the previous fluid, providing smooth shifting and enhancing transmission durability.

Flash and Fire Points Increased
Dexron III Flash and Fire Points were 160°C and 175°C, respectively. Dexron III Flash and Fire Points are 170°C and 185°C. As ATF operating temperatures increase, so must their flash and fire points for safety reasons. Naturally, synthetic-based AMSOIL ATF’s fire and flash points are higher than those of conventional fluids and, at 236°C and 250°C, far exceed the specification limits.

Cold Temperature Fluidity Still Important

Electronic controls in the valve body are adversely affected by conventional ATFs which thicken in cold temperatures. AMSOIL’s Dexron III Synthetic ATF maintains its fluidity in low temperatures for superior shifting and transmission durability.

Some motorists fear transmission work so much they’ll sell their car before they’ll take it on. Yet few understand the role ATF plays in transmission durability and performance.

ATF makes a world of difference. AMSOIL Synthetic ATF provides the cold temperature fluidity, thermal and oxidation resistance and shift quality to keep transmissions running right for a long, long life.

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SLS Note: AMSOIL Synthetic ATF was leading the competition 25 years ago and they are still leading today. Almost 20 years later, this fleet study of AMSOIL ATF and 0w20 Synthetic Signature Series Oil is proof.

The following links will provide info on AMSOIL’s line of Automatic Transmission Fluids including recommended applications, Product Data Bulletin, and MSDS Sheets (SDS). (To access the Data Bulletin and MSDS Sheets select “Technical Specifications” below the product picture. To see available Package Sizes select the drop down menu to the right.) If you are purchasing more than $100 product total, contact SLS Associates for better pricing.

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