With AMSOIL, engine protection doesn’t evaporate … and protection is what it all boils down to with motor oil, right?

What is the Noack Volatility Test?

The Noack Volatility Test (DIN 51581) measures the amount of oil lost to volatility. The weight loss is reported as a percentage of the oil’s original weight.

The Noack apparatus holds a container with an oil sample of known weight in a 2500 C bath for one hour. As oil evaporates, it is drawn off the sample. After test completion, the sample is reweighed. The pre-test and post-test weights are compared and the percentage weight loss computed.

What is volatility?

Volatility is the tendency of a liquid (or solid) to pass into the vapor phase under the influence of temperature. Volatility increases as temperature increases.

NOACK Volatility test results of 5 gasoline engine oils.
NOACK Volatility of Gasoline Engine Oils

Why does motor oil volatility matter?
Oil consumption for starters. When the engine loses oil to volatility, it must make do with less oil than it really needs for optimal lubrication and protection. That’s a critical loss for engines today. Not only are new engines equipped with smaller sump capacities than previous engines were, they run hotter and work harder, too. That means less oil does more work in an environment that consumes more oil … leaving even less oil to do the work.

The oil that’s left is qualitatively different from the original oil, too. Its viscosity is higher, so it flows sluggishly, leaving vulnerable areas unprotected. It has more intrafluid friction, so it decreases fuel efficiency. And while the oil actively evaporates, it significantly increases the engine’s hydrocarbon emissions.

Why does AMSOIL publish volatility test results?

To help motorists make informed decisions about motor oil purchases. A February 1996 comparison of AMSOIL Synthetic 10W-30 Motor Oil and four other popular brands of 10W-30 shows AMSOIL was one-half to one-third as volatile as the other 10W-30 oils. If the test were run on samples the size of an average car’s sump capacity (5 quarts), there’d be up to 3/4 quart difference in oil consumption!

NOACK Volatility Test comparisons of four diesel engine oils.
NOACK Volatility of Diesel Engine Oils

Similarly, a February 1996 test showed AMSOIL Semi-Synthetic 15W-40 Motor Oil is less than half as volatile as the other popular 15W-40 oils tested. If the test were run on samples the size of the average Class 8 truck’s sump capacity (11 gallons), there’d be up to a two gallon difference in oil consumption!

Why are AMSOIL motor oils so much less volatile than other oils?
It’s all in the basestocks. Conventional basestocks contain some light oil molecules, which are susceptible to volatility loss at temperatures near normal engine operating temperatures. Every time you run your engine, you lose some oil.

So why don’t synthetic basestocks suffer the same volatility losses?

Molecular uniformity. Synthetics have no “light” molecules to be lost to volatility near engine operating temperatures. In fact, the synthetic basestocks in AMSOIL synthetic motor oils resist volatility at temperatures well beyond those of automotive engines. No matter how long you run your engine or how often you run it, you come home with as much high-quality oil as you started with. With AMSOIL, the protection you put in your engine is the protection that stays in the engine.

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