Soot “DISAPPEARED” in Truckers Kenworth

Trucker Keith Gilbert of New Mexico had a serious soot problem with his 1991 Kenworth Conventional . . . until he discovered AMSOIL Diesel Fuel Additive Concentrate.

The soot would leave the truck badly discolored, forcing Keith to wash it at least twice a week. Keith had to keep his truck painted 80 percent white as part of his lease agreement. Realizing he could lose business if the sooting problem persisted, Keith decided to try AMSOIL Diesel Fuel Concentrate (ADC).

Once he used ADC for the first time, Keith described that his sooting problem literally disappeared. “I didn’t see any smoke trailing out of the exhaust pipe after I started using ADC,” Keith recalled.

Keith also noticed that his fuel mileage rose from 5.5 mpg to an average of 6.3 mpg. He estimated the increased fuel mileage gave him 80 miles free of charge for every 100 gallons of fuel consumed. For a regular dosage, Keith adds one can of ADC to every other tankful of diesel fuel.

Keith also found out how well ADC cleans the fuel injectors of his 425 Caterpillar engine. During a delivery run to Portland, Oregon, he took his truck to a Caterpillar service center for a tune-up. At that time, the engine had around 100,000 miles on it. After tearing it down and inspecting the injector nozzles, the mechanic asked Keith what he had done to his engine. When Keith told him about ADC, the mechanic said the nozzles looked like brand new!

“The mechanic admitted to me that he had never seen 100,000 – mile nozzles looking perfect before,” said Keith.

Keith decided soon after the Portland trip to install other AMSOIL products in his Kenworth. He installed AMSOIL 20W-50 Racing Oil in his Fuller 15-speed manual transmission, AMSOIL 85W-140 Gear Lube in his Eaton rear axles and AMSOIL 15W-40 Marine Oil in his engine. The oil pressure dropped from 58 psi to a more manageable 48 psi. Also, Keith noticed that AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants dissipate heat much better than petroleum lubricants did previously, a
feature he appreciates when climbing steep upgrades.

Since installing AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants bumper-to-bumper in his Kenworth, Keith’s fuel mileage has increased even further to 7.1 mpg. “That’s an increase of a whopping 1.6 mpg,” marveled Keith. “I recently installed the AMSOIL Dual Guard Oil Filtration System and am anxious to see the results.”

To keep his truck looking sharp, Keith uses all the AMSOIL Car Care Products. He is especially impressed with AMSOIL Chrome Brite. “AMSOIL Chrome Brite not only removed the rust from my chrome eagles,” he explained, “but it has also prevented rust from returning. Period!”

Keith is thrilled about AMSOIL products and looks forward to using them exclusively in the future. “I know 100 percent that my engine and truck are performing the best they can because of AMSOIL,” he said. “I am completely satisfied with AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants.”

Packaging 25 years ago for AMSOIL AME 15w40 Diesel Oil, ADC Diesel Fuel Additive, and ARO 20w50 Racing Oil.

This article appeared in the AMSOIL Action News Dealer Magazine in May of 1994.

SLS Note: In the last 25 years AMSOIL has continued to improve and expand the line of quality products for all types and sizes of diesel and gasoline engines. They now have

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