AMSOIL Series 3000 Synthetic 5W-30 Heavy Duty Diesel Data Sheet

After posting last months AMSOIL 25 Years Ago article about the Series 3000 Synthetic 5w30 Heavy Duty Diesel I found the old Product Data Sheet dated August 1996. At that time if you mentioned 5w30 as a heavy duty diesel oil most diesel mechanics would look at you like you had 2 heads and then ignore anything else you said. They were convinced that diesel engines worked hard and needed 15w40 for protection. If they were old enough they might concede that straight SAE 30 was OK and in really cold weather 10w30 would work but 5w30, no way. They were kind of like an old boss I once had that said, “You can show me all the facts your want, I’m still not changing my mind.”

Other oil manufacturers have been making 5w30 diesel oil for a few years now. While 15w40 is still probably the top seller, 5w40 is expanding its market share with 10w30 and 5w30 making slow headway. AMSOIL also offers 0w20 and 0w40 diesel oils along with the rest of the diesel product line. Just like the lower viscosity gasoline engine oils are taking over the market now, the lower viscosity diesel oils will eventually have the market. After all, how many cars now call for 10w40? It just shows that AMSOIL has been leading the way and in the case of 5w30 diesel oil, was probably 20 plus years in the lead.

As good as it is, the current AMSOIL Series 3000 is formulated for pre 2007 diesel engines. If you have a heavy duty diesel take a look at the data sheet for your oil and compare it against the August 1996 AMSOIL Series 3000 Data Sheet below. (If you can’t find a data sheet for your oil drop us a note with what you are currently using and we will see what we can find.) That should give you an idea of why AMSOIL is the industry leader. Then check out the full line of AMSOIL Diesel Oils and find your next oil change. And don’t forget to check out AMSOIL Oil Filters. Wix & Donaldson Filters are also available. (Prices shown are retail. If you have a business check with SLS Associates for Commercial Pricing.)

Front page of AMSOIL G1301 Data Sheet for Series 3000 Synthetic 5w30 Heavy Duty Diesel Oil dated 08/96
Back page of AMSOIL Data Sheet G1301 for Series 3000 Synthetic 5w30 Heavy Duty Diesel Oil dated 08/96

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