Cold Temperature Storage Recommendations

Because cold temperature storage can be detrimental to the performance of some AMSOIL products, AMSOIL offers the following storage recommendations:

Lubricants: Store at least 10ºF above the lubricants Pour Point. To find the Pour Point (or lowest operating temperature) for a specific AMSOIL Product:

  • Select the Product Type
  • Select the Specific Product By Clicking On Its Name
  • Click The Technical Information Tab Below The Product Picture
  • Select The Data Sheet Tab That Appears
  • Scroll To The Top Of The Last Page For The List Of Technical Properties
  • Click Here To Start Your Search

Greases: Store in a dry environment at temperatures at least 10ºF above the greases lowest operating temperature. (To find the lowest operating temperature use the same procedure shown above for Lubricants.)

Gasoline Additives, Engine and Transmission Flush: No adverse issues with cold temperature storage.

Diesel Concentrate, Cetane Boost, & Diesel Recovery: No adverse issues with cold temperature storage.

Diesel Cold Flow Improver & Diesel Concentrate w/Cold Flow Improver: Store at temperatures above 0ºF.

Brake Fluids: Do not store at temperatures below -40ºF for longer than 2 weeks.

Metal Protector, Heavy Duty Metal Protector, Power Foam, Fogging Oil, Silicone Spray: No adverse issues with cold temperature storage as long as product is allowed to warm to room temperature before use.

Miracle Wash: Will freeze below 32ºF.  Can be thawed for use.

Antifreeze & Engine Coolant: Will not freeze. No adverse issues with cold temperature storage.

Coolant Boost: Store at temperatures above 32ºF.

Slip Lock®: No adverse issues with cold temperature storage. If product separates, heat to room temperature and shake well before use.

If you have any questions regarding  storage of AMSOIL products or have trouble finding pour points or operating temperature ranges, contact SLS Associates and we will get the information for you.

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