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If you own a European vehicle you need to make sure you or your technician are using the appropriate oil for that vehicle.

API vs European Standards

While using oils meeting the appropriate current API specifications for most vehicles will satisfy the manufacturers requirements, that doesn’t apply to European vehicles. Each European manufacturer sets their own standards for the oil used in their vehicles. Chrysler, Ford and GM are also starting to add more stringent requirements on motor oils. And just because you have an American made vehicle, it doesn’t mean that the engine isn’t a European engine requiring a different oil. AMSOIL offers 6 different formulations to meet the majority of European oil requirements. If you want the best oil for your vehicle, American, European, Japanese, Korean or any other country of origin, check out the AMSOIL Auto / Light Truck Lookup for the correct recommendations or this version for more detailed information.

For more information on the AMSOIL line of quality synthetic motor oils select any of the following links. If you still have questions or would like a quote, feel free to Contact Us.

European Oils

American Petroleum Institute (API) Oils

Diesel Oils

This Link will give you access to additional oils, transmission / hydraulic fluids, gear lubes, greases, filters etc.

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