Fuel Pumps With Additives Coming

Read an article recently entitled “Fuel Additives: The Next Innovation Begins At The Dispenser.” (National Petroleum News, July/August Edition, p.16) While the article talked about the history of fuel and some of the additives used over the years, the part I found interesting was that Wayne, a major supplier of fuel dispensers, has developed one that will let the customer select an additive and blend it into the fuel as it is being pumped. The pump contains an internal tank that will hold enough additive concentrate to treat up to 25,000 gallons of fuel. System can be setup for either gasoline or diesel, encourages an “Add-On” sale, and doesn’t require the expense of burying another tank in the ground. These dispensers are approved for use in Canada and are coming to the US this year. If you come across one of these in Southeastern MA let me know. I would be interested in seeing one in operation and talking to the people responsible for it.



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