AMSOIL Offers New Filter Wrenches

AMSOIL has introduced (4) new 3/8″ Drive Cap Style Filter Wrenches that fit virtually all of the AMSOIL EaO, Ea15k, and EaOM Oil Filters.  The following is a list of the Wrenches and the Filters they fit:GA265FilterWrench

GA251 Filter Wrench (76 mm) fits

  • EaO17, EaO18, EaO23, EaO34, EaO37, EaO38, EaO64
  • Ea15K20, Ea15K29, Ea15K32, Ea15K50, Ea15K51
  • EaOM122, EaOM134, EaOM134C, EaOM135, EaOM135C, EaOM136C, EaOM138

GA252 Filter Wrench (93 mm) fits

  • EaO11, EaO15, EaO21, EaO24, EaO26, EaO27, EaO31, EaO40, EaO52, EaO59, EaO98

GA258 Filter Wrench (74 mm) fits

  • EaOM132, EaOM132C, EaOM133, EaOM133C, EaOM137C

GA265 Filter Wrench (64 mm) fits

  • EaO14
  • Ea15k09, Ea15k12, Ea15k13
  • EaOM103, EaOM103C, EaOM109
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