AMSOIL Introduces 4 New Oils

AMSOIL has introduced 4 new full synthetic motor oils, a 5w50 oil that exceeds the Ford WSS-M2C931-C (Mustang) spec. and 3 new Dirt Bike oils.


A new 5w50 full synthetic oil that exceeds the Ford WSS-M2C931-C (Mustang) spec.   While AMSOIL previously had several oils that performed as well if not better than the recommended Ford products, they now have a product specifically formulated for  Applications calling for a 5w50 full synthetic oil.


For Dirt Bike Riders AMSOIL introduced three new oils. 10w40, 10w50, and 10w60 full synthetic motor oil.  Now, no matter what type of bike you ride be it dirt bike, street bike, quad or whatever, AMSOIL has a premium quality full synthetic motor oil to meet your needs.

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