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The "First In Synthetics" Since 1972

SLS Associates is an independent dealer and supplier of AMSOIL Products. AMSOIL Inc. located in Superior, WI is the leader in the research, development and production of premium quality, long life synthetic lubricants. In 1972 they introduced the world to the first API Certified Synthetic Motor Oil. At a time when 3,500 miles was considered an "extended" drain interval, the AMSOIL API SE 10w40 Synthetic Motor Oil carried a drain interval recommendation of up to 25,000 miles or 1 year, whichever came first. That was more than 8 times the standard oil change interval of the time. It is still the recommendation on the AMSOIL Signature Series Motor Oils. Since 1972, AMSOIL has gone on to develop one of the most complete lines of high quality synthetic oils, greases, gear lubricants, compressor and hydraulic fluids along with filters, filter systems and related items. In addition to their own line of premium oil filters covering over 90% of the vehicles on the road, they have partnered with Donaldson, Mann, and Wix to provide filters for applications not covered by AMSOIL Filters. This makes them the largest single source filter supplier in the world. In addition, the ALTRUM Division has nutritional supplements which help promote better health. This makes AMSOIL products the Right Environmental Choice for our vehicles & equipment and our personal health. If you would like more information on the AMSOIL Products use the Menu Bar above. For information on ALTRUM Products, click on the ALTRUM Logo at the top of the column or the "Click To Connect" at the end of the ALTRUM column.
Established in 1985, the ALTRUM Division of AMSOIL INC. offers high quality nutritional supplements designed to maximize health and nutrition. ALTRUM provides the same excellence in health products that AMSOIL first established for lubricants in 1972. The ALTRUM Division was founded on Al Amatuzio's unwavering belief that good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are vital to success. Amatuzio's drive for enhanced nutritional products and insistence on all natural, high-quality ingredients remain the driving force behind the ALTRUM Division. The same principles of high product quality and performance that apply to AMSOIL products also apply to the ALTRUM line. ALTRUM Nutritional Supplements are your foundation for good health. These products are a powerful line-up of the "World's Best" Multis and Enzymes, Superfoods, A.J.'s Signature Formulas and Technical Supplements. Formulated with the highest-quality ingredients available, each supplement provides the nutrients you may not get through your diet alone. The flagship products of this line are the Ultra Multis (advanced multi-vitamin, superfood supplements) and the Ultra Daily Enzymes (advanced digestive enzyme formula). The Ultra Multis and the Ultra Daily Enzymes are the foundation of the ALTRUM Nutritional Program. Combine Ultra Daily Enzymes with one of the Ultra Multis and assure yourself a powerful start to your health program and a more vibrant life. Then, enhance your ALTRUM Health Program with any other premium ALTRUM nutritional formula. ALTRUM Nutritional Supplements are manufactured in the U.S.A. For more information on ALTRUM products click on the ALTRUM Logo or the Click To Connect link to the right.
Jim Tully - Independent AMSOIL Dealer / Direct Dealer / Account Direct Since 1992 - So Easton, MA