Winter Storage Of AMSOIL Products

While a temperature and humidity controlled storage area would be great for storing your lubricants and other products, if you’re like most people, you store your AMSOIL Products on a shelf in your unheated garage or storage shed. Depending on where in the country you live, that could mean a minimum temperature anywhere from 40ºF to -40ºF or lower.

While the 40ºF minimum temperature shouldn’t be a problem for any AMSOIL Products, the -40ºF temperatures will require that some products be moved to a warmer location, especially if the product is something you want to pickup and use right away and not wait for it to warm to room temperature.

The following list is from the main part of this web site (Cold Temperature Storage Recommendations) and is reproduced here as a reminder and quick reference. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us for additional information.

Lubricants: Store at least 10ºF above the lubricants Pour Point. To find the Pour Point (or lowest operating temperature) for a specific AMSOIL Lubricant:

  • Select the Product Type
  • Select the Specific Product By Clicking On Its Name
  • Click The Technical Information Tab Below The Product Picture
  • Select The Data Sheet Tab That Appears
  • Scroll To The Top Of The Last Page For The List Of Technical Properties
  • Click Here To Start Your Search

Greases: Store in a dry environment at temperatures at least 10ºF above the greases lowest operating temperature. (To find the lowest operating temperature use the same procedure shown above for Lubricants.)

Gasoline Additives, Engine and Transmission Flush: No adverse issues with cold temperature storage.

Diesel Concentrate, Cetane Boost, & Diesel Recovery: No adverse issues with cold temperature storage.

Diesel Cold Flow Improver & Diesel Concentrate w/Cold Flow Improver: Store at temperatures above 0ºF.

Brake Fluids: Do not store at temperatures below -40ºF for longer than 2 weeks.

Metal Protector, Heavy Duty Metal Protector, Power Foam, Fogging Oil, Silicone Spray: No adverse issues with cold temperature storage as long as product is allowed to warm to room temperature before use.

Miracle Wash: Will freeze below 32ºF.  Can be thawed for use.

Antifreeze & Engine Coolant: Will not freeze. No adverse issues with cold temperature storage.

Coolant Boost: Store at temperatures above 32ºF.

Slip Lock®: No adverse issues with cold temperature storage. If product separates, heat to room temperature and shake well before use.

SLS Note: The above list is from AMSOIL and is their recommendations. For my own inventory, I simplify the list by doing the following. Keep in mind that my area rarely gets below 0 degrees Fahrenheit with normal low temperatures in the teens.

All oil type lubricants (both 2 and 4-stroke), transmission fluids, gear lubricants, compressor & hydraulic fluids, antifreeze and oil filters remain in the unheated garage.

Grease, all fuel additives and anything in a spray can are moved to shelving in my cellar where the temperature normally stays at 55ºF to 60ºF in the coldest part of the winter.

While this is more conservative than AMSOIL’s recommendations, it allows customers to use product immediately after picking it up.

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