Upgraded AMSOIL Powersports Product Guides Offer Improved Coverage

April 1, 2019 – Announcement

The product guides at amsoil.com allow you quick, accurate product recommendations for your vehicles and equipment. To help ensure you have a great experience at amsoil.com, we recently made a large investment in expanding the Powersports product guides to provide recommendations for more applications.

The AMSOIL Powersports product guides make up one of just two such guides in the industry. Most lubricant and filter companies don’t offer a powersports product guide due to the increased cost and sheer amount of work required. As part of our commitment to Dealers and Customers, AMSOIL made a significant investment in customized data and programming to maintain a product guide that covers the thousands of different makes and models of powersports applications. Our improved Powersports product guides now provide recommendations for 225 different equipment brands and nearly 180,000 different components, including…

The Powersports product guides deliver improved coverage for several makes of equipment. For example, we now offer recommendations for most Honda motorcycles. While the expansive nature of the powersports industry makes it nearly impossible to cover every single make and model of equipment, these improvements enhance our coverage, and we’ll continue to work on closing the few gaps that remain.

In addition to lubricant recommendations, the Powersports product guides offer a more user-friendly interface than the only other guide in the industry. And ours are the only powersports guides to integrate filters, reducing the amount of input required of the user, improving the user experience.

Visit amsoil.com and familiarize yourself with the AMSOIL Powersports product guides.

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