Three Tiers Of Protection

Quart bottles of AMSOIL OE, XL, and Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oils for increasing levels of protection

AMSOIL has crafted three distinct synthetic motor oil lines tailored to a wide range of vehicles. The passenger car and light truck market represents the foundation of AMSOIL innovation. Today we continue to explore ways to provide superior engine protection and performance. Recognizing that no two drivers are alike, our three tiers of motor oil offer motorists the opportunity to choose from multiple levels of engine protection.

Advanced Engine Protection

OE Synthetic Motor Oil provides peace-of-mind protection. It is excellent for drivers who are moving up from conventional oil to synthetic oil for their vehicles. OE Synthetic Motor Oil is favored by mechanics and individuals seeking exceptional value and full engine protection.

Boosted Engine Protection

Providing an extra level of protection, XL Synthetic Motor Oil helps vehicles maintain like-new performance. It’s perfect for automotive enthusiasts who want a considerable boost in engine protection. XL Synthetic Motor Oil offers protection that goes beyond the industry standards and is ideal for high-mileage vehicles.

Maximum Engine Protection

Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil is the industry benchmark in protection. It combines industry-premier synthetic technology with AMSOIL premium additives in a unique formulation that exceeds the high-performance demands of your engine. It delivers 75 percent more engine protection against horsepower loss and wear.*

OE Synthetic Motor Oil (OEZ, OEM, OEF, OET)

  • Outperforms conventional motor oil
  • Protects against wear
  • Ptotection to cover today’s longer vehicle manufacturer-recommended drain intervals

XL Synthetic Motor Oil (XLZ, XLM, XLF, XLT, XLO)

  • Boosted cleaning power
  • Excellent wear protection
  • Ideal for high-mileage vehicles

Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil (ASM, ALM, AZO, ASL, ATM, AZF, AMR)

  • Outstanding wear protection
  • Maximum cleanliness
  • Extreme-temperature protection

*Based on independent testing of AMSOIL Signature Series 0W-20, in ASTM D6891 as required by the API SN specification

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