New Packaging Options

AMSOIL has added several new packaging options to existing products

AMSOIL Metal Protector is now available in a 4 oz spray can.

AMSOIL Metal Protector Spray Cans

Ideal for tool boxes, tackle boxes and glove compartments, AMSOIL Metal Protector (AMP) is now available in convenient 4-oz. (118-ml.) spray cans.

AMSOIL Metal Protector effectively lubricates moving parts, silencing squeaks without gumming up mechanisms. It displaces moisture from fresh water or salt water to help prevent corrosion, and it is the product of choice for drying and protecting electrical and ignition systems. Metal Protector penetrates deep through rust and corrosion to restore movement of rusty parts.

  • Cuts through rust and frees frozen components
  • Helps protect against rust and corrosion, even in salt water
  • Displaces water
  • Stops squeaks
  • Cleans
  • Sprays into hard-to-reach places
  • Protects electrical equipment
  • Lubricates moving parts

Also available, the G1799 Straw Holder

AMSOIL Straw Holder on can of AMSOIL MP

How often has this happened to you? You grab your spray can with the little red or clear plastic straw taped to the side so you can spray a small spot or into a tight area only to find the straw missing. Now there is an easy way to prevent that loss. These blue silicone rubber type holders slip over the can and allow you to insert the straw into the other end. When finished using the straw, disconnect it from the nozzle and slip it under the part of the holder that is around the can. Keeps the straw in place and ready for the next time you need it. Can be used pretty much on any spray can that includes a straw.

New Easy Packs Available April 2nd

AMSOIL 75w90 Severe Gear Lube (SVGPK) in Easy Pack

We introduced the new SEVERE GEAR® easy-pack last summer. The flexible packaging reduces mess, hassle and frustration when performing tricky gear-lube installations. The award-winning packaging has proven so popular that we’re bringing it to additional AMSOIL products. The following two AMSOIL products will be available in easy-packs beginning April 2:

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