How An Oiling System Works – 1937 “Video”

If your old enough to remember the “News Reel” footage shown in theaters before the “Feature Films” were shown, you should recognize the look of this 10 minute black and white video right away. While the first minute or so shows people engaged in winter sports, it makes a point of the “Lubrication” needed to enjoy these sports. (And if you asked most people today what “Lubricant” was used in these sports, you would probably get a blank stare or possibly “Wax.”

There is an old saying that “The More Things Change, The More They Remain The Same.” While much has changed both in the sports and in lubrication since this video was made, most of the change has been in the technology, the basics are still the same.

This article is from the August 30, 2019 issue of the Engine Labs newsletter. ( ) Link is in the title of the block below

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