AMSOIL’s New Runs On Freedom Snowmobile Warranty

Long – Standing Warranty Battle

Dan Peterson | AMSOIL Senior Vice President of Dealer Sales and Marketing.

Use AMSOIL INTERCEPTOR® Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil exclusively in your new-model-year sled and we’ll cover engine repairs in the unlikely event of any engine breakdown for up to two years/5,000 miles/8,000 km.

“Many riders are afraid of losing their factory warranty should they deviate from the OEM-recommended oil and some snowmobile OEMs take advantage by trying to pressure customers into buying the OEM brand of lubricants. We’ve seen forms that riders are asked to sign saying they agree to use the OEM oil or risk losing their factory warranty.”

The Dealer Network Strikes Back

We and our Dealers have always pointed out that tying use of an OEM lubricant to the factory warranty is illegal. The federal Magnuson Moss Warranty Act protects enthusiasts’ freedom to choose the brand of parts and lubricants they think is best. It is illegal to tie warranty coverage to whichever brand of parts or lubricants they use. What’s more, manufacturers can’t deny warranty coverage without showing the aftermarket part or lubricant caused a failure.

“A few years ago, we doubled down on this message with our Runs on Freedom campaign,” said Peterson.

“We developed a video that explains the truth and created the popular Runs on Freedom logo.” The message has been the center of our snowmobile advertising for the past couple seasons.

Effective April 1, 2020, the new AMSOIL Runs on Freedom Snowmobile Warranty covers engine repairs for two years or 5,000 miles (8,000 km), whichever comes first, on new-model-year two-stroke sleds that use AMSOIL INTERCEPTOR® Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil (AIT) exclusively.

“This is a new-to-market warranty no other aftermarket snowmobile lubricant manufacturer offers,” said Peterson. “We’re so confident in our products that we’ll cover any repair to an oil-lubricated engine part in the unlikely event of an engine failure.” This new warranty offers peace of mind and eliminates the final hurdle stopping many customers from using AMSOIL snowmobile oil.

You may be wondering how this warranty differs from our standard Limited Liability Warranty. “The Runs on Freedom Snowmobile Warranty is meant to be as simple as possible,” said Peterson. “Our Limited Liability Warranty is excellent, but riders have to submit oil samples and parts to ensure the oil caused a problem. While that’s standard industry practice, most people view it as a hassle. In contrast, this is a no-fault warranty. You don’t have to send oil samples or parts. And you don’t have to attempt to prove the oil failed. As long as you’re a registered participant and meet the requirements, we’ll cover any repair to an oil-lubricated engine part. Period.”

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