If you have a current model year sled or a new sled, don’t let the powersports dealers / manufacturers bully you into buying their brand of oil. You have the freedom to choose your brand of oil and keep your warranty intact.

To show our support for riders and to double-down on our confidence in our snowmobile oil, we offer the Runs on Freedom Limited Snowmobile Warranty.

It covers engine repairs for two years or 5,000 miles (8,000 km), whichever comes first, on current-model-year or newer sleds that use AMSOIL INTERCEPTOR@ Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil exclusively.

 To get details and register, visit

( in Canada).

SLS Note: In recent years many powersports dealers have told customers that they had to run the manufacturers products or they would loose the warranty coverage. (One manufacturer even put it in the owners manual.) These are called ‘Tie-In’ provisions and, in the United States that is a violation of the federal Magnuson Moss Act. (Passed in 1975 which means all of these manufacturers and dealers should be well aware of the law.) If any dealer tells you that you need to use the manufacturers products to maintain the warranty, tell them you want it in writing (you won’t get it). Whether you get it or not, let AMSOIL know the business name, dealer / salesman name, when it happened and what they said. The legal department is always interested when this happens they will notify the business of their “error”.

If you are located in Canada, my understanding is that the Consumer Protection Acts in each province are the Canadian equivalent to the Magnuson Moss Act in the United States.

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