AMSOIL Introduces ATV/UTV Lubricants

AMSOIL Introduces Two New Synthetic Motor Oils And Two New Synthetic Drive Fluids For ATV/UTV Applications. AMSOIL (AUV40) Synthetic 10w40 ATV/UTV Motor Oil and (AUV50) Synthetic 5w50 ATV/UTV Motor Oil deliver superior protection for hard charging, heavily loaded, hard working ATV’s and UTV’s.  

AMSOIL AUV40 10W40 Synthetic ATV/AUV Motor Oil

APPLICATIONS: AMSOIL (AUV40) 10W-40 Synthetic ATV/UTV Motor Oil is recommended for use in ATVs and UTVs that require a 10W-40 motor oil, including those made by Kawasaki®, Suzuki®, Can-Am®, Honda®, Yamaha®, Kubota® and John Deere®.     Click Here For The Product Data Sheet

AMSOIL AUV50 5W50 Synthetic ATV/UTV Motor Oil

AMSOIL (AUV50) 5W-50 Synthetic ATV/UTV Motor Oil is recommended for use in ATVs and UTVs that require a 5W-50 motor oil, including the Polaris Ranger, Polaris RZR and Polaris Sportsman. AMSOIL recommends 5W-50 Synthetic ATV/UTV Motor Oil in place of Polaris PS-4 and PS-4 Extreme Duty.     Click Here For Product Data Sheet

AMSOIL (AUFD) Synthetic ATV/UTV Front Drive Fluid has been replaced by AMSOIL ATV/UTV Powertrain Fluid (AUPT)

APPLICATIONS: Use in Polaris* RANGER,* RZR,* GENERAL* and Sportsman* transmission/differentials, front drives and hubs calling for Polaris Demand Drive Fluid* or Polaris AGL Synthetic Gearcase Lubricant and Transmission Fluid.* Also for use in ATVs & UTVs that require wet-brake-compatible fluid, including those made by Kawasaki,* Yamaha* and Argo.* Do not use in applications requiring API GL-5 fluid.

AMSOIL (AUDT) Synthetic Transmission & Differential Fluid is engineered to deliver upgraded performance for hard-working and performance ATVs and UTVs. Its outstanding severe-service formulation allows riders to confidently and safely push their machines to the limit, whether tackling tough chores around their property or riding aggressively on the trail.

APPLICATIONS: Recommended for use in ATV and UTV transmissions and differentials, including those made by Polaris®, Honda®, Yamaha®, Kawasaki®, Can-Am® and Suzuki®.     Click Here For Product Data Sheet

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